Sweetwater Shih-Tzu
Improving the breed, one dog at a time.

Sweetwater Shih Tzu is the proud receipient
of the

"Achievement of Excellence"
Star Breeder Award 2012 - 2014

through the American Canine Association.


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We recently received an update from Sadie's forever family. 
They write,

"Dear Sweetwater Shih Tzu,

Happy Leap Day! Our Sweetwater Shih Tzu Sadie turned sweet sixteen
today, February 29, 2012. I attached a recent photo and video of Sadie. She is so healthy and happy.

When we took her to our vet for her annual check up, he said her amazing longevity
was due primarily to excellent
genes. He said it was  evident we had used a quality breeder.

Thank you for sixteen years (and counting) of unconditional puppy love.


Our Shih Tzu Sadie at 16 years old!
- 16 year old Sadie -

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Sweetwater Shih Tzu is a non profit organization in Minnesota (MN) dedicated to the integrity of the Shih Tzu breed. Our mission is to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, heritable genetic disease in Shih Tzu through research, testing, and selective breeding.

Our Shih Tzu parents are registered, purebred, genetically tested and certified. Our puppies are fully guaranteed. With just a few litters each year, our goal is to improve the
gene pool of this beautiful breed, one dog at a time.

Our beautiful puppies are born healthy, free of genetic defects. Our puppies have excellent conformation and are extremely social. We invest an enormous amount of time and energy into our parents and our puppies - from providing the best in prenatal care to the socialization and development of each puppy's personality.

As a responsible breeder, our mission is to produce puppies that not only meet the breed standard, but actually improve the genetics of the breed.

 Shih Tzu Puppies Playing Shih Tzu puppy for sale in MN
Genetically Tested and Fully Guaranteed

We provide a Lifetime Placement Guarantee that ensures if for any reason you are no longer able to adequately care for (or keep) your dog, you can return the dog to us at any time.

We are conveniently located just west of Minneapolis, Minnesota. We welcome forever families to set up an appointment to come to our home and meet us and our Shih Tzu in person.  We also hand deliver our precious pups to forever families across the continental US for very reasonable rates.

“A Shih Tzu is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”
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